Client Testimonials

“Faye was so committed to connecting with Alex, seeking to break through to what was hidden inside. Something that was almost magical, as I saw a frustrated, angry, confused, hurt boy change into a child that saw possibilities and began to grow in confidence. I wish I could honestly say what she did but that would reveal the secret, not that I know. I do know that she found a way in and knew how to connect with him. Then broke down the barriers and developed a new pathway for him to follow. He held real respect for Faye. That was so amazing as Alex had never shown respect to anyone in authority. His confidence, that was developed, helped him complete the work, another almost impossible door she managed to open. Alex often told me he loved to talk to Faye, that she understood him, with no judgement or criticism. He felt free! That alleviated the pressures at home. Another gift she held, communicating with me. I was always kept in the loop and Faye would go out of her way to spend time talking to me, therapeutic was what I would call it, as she would teach us how to communicate together and build new structures to cope. She had so much insight and knowledge. Giving strategies to help me as well as Alex. She saw us as a team and built on it. That is a gift she holds. Easy to talk to and connect with, If I’m honest, I miss it. I always felt safe and confident once I had spent time, even a short time, with Faye. She injected the same care into me as well as into Alex. Not many people take time to hear or help.

Faye is truly amazing, and I wish Alex and myself could have remained under her wings always. She is such a blessing and will be a blessing to new souls she touches.”

Jennifer – Mum of Alex (aged 16)

“Before my meetings with Faye, I was struggling with my self-esteem and confidence. Talking to her has helped me realise and overcome the mental boundaries I was unknowingly putting around myself. She has given me the tools to deconstruct situations in which I feel stuck and although it’s early days I can confidently say she has helped change my mindset for the better.”

Ollie – Men’s Tailoring

“Working with Faye was a great experience. The first lockdown left me feeling a little unbalanced and Faye helped me take a step back and find direction again. Since working with Faye things have been going really well for me and I have even managed to start up an additional business. Thank you so much Faye for your guiding support”.

Natasha – Therapist/Counsellor

“Faye Cox has been the best decision I had made to help me understand the things that I need to do to help me navigate through my business and help balance my priorities and make sure I allow myself time to selfcare while still feeling productive and motivated. I would highly recommend Faye for anyone even if you are not a business owner.”

Madeline – Wedding Planner

“Faye is an amazing coach. She is genuine, empathetic, a great listener and truly wishes to help. I am now feeling so motivated to move my business forward thanks to the lovely Faye. She helped me work on some social media strategies and ways to drive my health and wellness business in the direction I want it to go. She helped me realise that I needed to take a step back and rethink some of the basics which I know will really help. Thank you so much Faye.”

Toni Thomas – Holistic Therapist

“What can I say! I cannot believe what we have unravelled already. I have always had a HUGE fear of rejection, low self esteem and confidence issues. But the last 2 years have been tough, made redundant, money problems, depression, anxiety and just a feeling of total hopelessness! I have never felt so stuck and lost. My anxiety was so bad I couldn’t move myself forward! I really thought I would never get my life back on track! But after 1 session I can see light and a way forward. And it’s not scary anymore. I am excited to see where my future is going. Faye is straight talking but very calm and kind and there is zero judgement! She breaks everything down into easy bite size chunks and is there every step of the way!”

Emma – Health & Wellbeing Coach

“I speak as someone who historically doesn’t handle stress very well along with self-doubt regardless of whatever level of success I achieve. Often resulting in poor work/home life focus and not being ‘in the moment’ so to speak with my young family. Making the decision to ask for help was tough, but so glad I did.  Learning to separate facts from feelings, to dismissing worries about things I have no control over to worrying about scenarios that never in truth were something I had to concern myself with. All of which was exhausting! Faye has made a huge difference to my outlook on life, to focusing on why I feel the way I do and how to manage those negative feelings. The best investment you can ever make is in yourself and the best money I have spent in sometime highly recommended.”

                                                                        Steve Litterick – Litterick Wealth Management

“A business coach recommended Faye to me and upon meeting her, I found her to be kind, trustworthy and a good listener, which were all key things in my choice to work with her. My experience of working with Faye has been very rewarding. I have been able to identify some key areas to work on personally that has helped my relationships and my business. Working with Faye has made me more positive and has enabled me to set new goals for myself that I hadn’t considered before. It has also helped me think differently about obstacles and opportunities. I think the biggest thing I’ve gained has been transforming my attitude towards problems and recognising the many opportunities that I have available to me and the skills that I have to take advantage of them. If you are feeling stuck in a rut, then Faye will help you explore what might be holding you back and assist you in finding your own solutions and setting goals to move forward.”

Helen – Business Owner in Construction