Is this a hobby or a business?

  1. Are you just playing with your time?
  2. Are you serious about what you do?
  3. Do you wish you could be doing this and this alone?

You need to answer these three questions 100% honestly and then take a look at where you’d like to see yourself 12 / 18 or even 24 months from now.

If you can see yourself taking hold of what you have and wanting to make real money out of it then ‘congratulations’ you have or should I say you are on your way to having a serious business.

Sharon is my next-door neighbour and when I said I was setting up my Virtual PA Business, she half-jokingly said ‘brilliant, I may be needing you!’ Sharon is a Holistic Therapist specialising in Reiki. She had another job and had been practising her therapies for many years on the side.


It took a month or so, but we eventually sat down and had a chat where she’d like to be in a year’s time and what she ACTUALLY enjoys doing for work.

Sharon had some old vouchers, website and business postcards, which I must say were very out-dated.  I took a good look, told her they weren’t going to work as they weren’t eye-catching, didn’t reflect who she was and didn’t contain the right information. She looked a little shocked by my honesty, but I believe that if you’re serious about helping people, you have to be honest from the start.

It was at that point that I asked her ‘IS THIS A HOBBY OR A BUSINESS?’

She looked at me blankly and then finally said ‘she hadn’t thought about it like that’, but now I’m asking, she’d honestly like it to be her business and would like to give up her other job.


We then discussed what she needed to do to transform her 20+ year hobby into a serious business. Being the kind, generous and caring person that she is, Sharon was giving far too much of her time away for ‘FREE’.

Treatments were lasting for longer than the allotted hour. Her initial consultations, which are very detailed, were being done for free! If she wanted this to be a business, she really needed to change her mindset.

Sharon sends all her clients a birthday card. She’s not giving this up and I agree. What makes Sharon unique, is her genuine warmth and care for people. The birthday cards allow for her clients to see this.

We then set about re-designing her business cards. We set up a simple WordPress website, and we designed a new flyer, Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

This initial meeting left Sharon feeling very positive, inspired and ready to take Sharon Weekes Holistic Therapy out to the world.


We set up some processes and organised her office so that she felt more in control of the admin side of her business too.

When we first met, Sharon lacked confidence in talking about what she does and putting herself out there to gain new business.

With me behind her every step of the way, she has grown massively. Her self-confidence is getting better all the time, and she now even picks up the phone and promotes her business to her target audience and groups of people she thinks could benefit from her treatments.

I am very proud of how far she has come, and I have every faith in her and her ability to build a thriving business that she loves.

So, think back to those three questions I asked! Could this be you? Does Sharon’s story sound familiar?

If you think you would like to have a chat about what I can do for you then please call me on 07968 381793 or visit my website www.fayepa.co.uk. I also have a Facebook page and Twitter account.