Self-love Affirmation Cards for Tweens and Teens 

“52 amazingly supportive affirmation cards designed for Tweens and Teens!”


52 amazingly supportive affirmation cards designed for tweens and teens.

These awesome cards have 4 categories so your tween or teen can pick which ones they may need to focus on in a particular week, month etc.

These categories are;

  • Self-Esteem
  • Body Confidence
  • Personal Values
  • Love and Kindness

These cards can be used daily, weekly, separately or all together. They are a great way to change and strengthen more positive beliefs about themselves.

These little beauties are £14.99 inc P&P within the UK (£19.99 inc P&P outside the UK). For every pack sold in 2022 50p will go to the YoungMinds Charity

The reviews for these cards has been fantastic.

Marie West bought these cards for her step-daughter and has this to say “Faye, just to say my step-daughter was absolutely delighted with the affirmation cards. Thank you so much for coming up with such an innovative and creative way to connect. Absolutely love them.”

Emma Falsey brought her cards for her two daughters and has this to say “My girls love their cards. Thank you for this fantastic resource.”




                                £14.99 including P&P within the UK (£19.99 including P&P outside the UK).