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“Changing the way you think”

Faye Cox, Mindset & Confidence Coach, helping Teenagers & Young People believe in themselves, so they can meet their full potential and THRIVE!

As Featured in ‘The Guardian, The Metro, The Telegraph and Stylist’.

‘Are you, like so many of us, holding yourself back from achieving all the things you want in life, but just can’t workout what that thing is?’

                                                                              Mindset and Confidence Coach

By building self confidence, improving self-esteem, empowering yourself and letting go of the old stories you tell yourself or that others have constantly told you, you will be able to carve out a successful life, no matter what it is you want to achieve.

 What if I told you that you don’t have to just survive, you can THRIVE!

I know how it feels when you’re juggling everything in life, you’ve got so many plates spinning all at once and at times some come crashing down around your ears. It’s totally overwhelming, the feeling that you’ve got to have all the answers here and now, that you’ve got to know your purpose in life, where you fit, how you’re going to get where you want to go etc. It’s mentally exhausting!

Having worked with many Teenagers, Young People and Business Owners, I know the challenges you face each and every day, feeling like you need to prove yourself to everyone around you, like you’re not good enough and dis-empowering yourself constantly through your own self-doubt.

I’ve seen and experienced the struggles of balancing your time, getting to grips with everything, confidence building so you can believe in yourself, working out your purpose or just getting through the week without feeling completely overwhelmed. frustrated and confused!

My clients come to me feeling lost, stuck, confused, frustrated, overwhelmed and sometimes ready to give up as they’re fed up of just surviving.

They leave feeling empowered , un-stuck, inspired, confident, positive, lighter & brighter and THRIVING as a result!

They start taking action, they feel able to move forward, get out of their own way. Know their purpose, believe in themselves and make MORE MONEY.

Together we set the foundation for your Success.

We boost confidence, find clarity, let go of what’s holding you back, and take back control of your life, be it your health, wealth, relationships, career, business etcI offer my mindset & confidence coaching services in Bexley, London & online. 

If you want to set the foundation for your own success as well as improve self confidence and increase self-esteem then schedule a call with me today!


The 3 Step Coaching Process…

powerful habits

Client arrives feeling

Frustrated, Overwhelmed, Lost, Confused, Stuck and Heavy

mum and teenage daughter

Client leaves feeling

Empowered, Un-stuck, Inspired, Positive, Lighter, Brighter, THRIVING

confidence and success

They're ready to

Take Action, Get out their own way, Be Visible, make More MONEY